How many Australian indigenous nations are there?
There are over 500 different clan groups or 'nations' around the continent, many with distinctive cultures, beliefs and languages.
What are Songlines?
Songlines are indigenous people's way of life.
The songlines represent many components of life, in song, but none more than the traditional mapping of indigenous land.
Each song represents a physical descriptor of assets along the property boundary.
What is the iiZONES™ Foundation?
The iiZONES™ Foundation was created to bring together components relating to land ownership, treasury, electronic services, projects, partners, funding, community and services.
What are assets?
Assets within the iiZONES™ platform relate to indigenous land ownership, zoned land formation and eConveyancing of land identification.
What are zones?
The iiZONES™ platform is utilised to uniquely subdivide the available indigenous land into project allocated zones.
What technology is used?
The iiZONES™ platform aggregates multiple technology innovations in creating a single seamless indigenous product.
The inherent technology components include online services, eConveyancing, blockchain smart contracts and ledger,
Digital Electronic Exchange and treasury functionality.
Is there any community involvement?
Within the Digital Electronic Exchange component, of the iiZONES™ platform, national indigenous community content participation is provided and encouraged.
What services are provided?
The iiZONES™ Digital Electronic Exchange component provides services relating to health, online commerce, Internet based TV and communications.
What are the Terms of Use?
All the iiZONES™ website 'Terms and Conditions' are found here.
What are Privacy Issues?
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What Disclaimers are there?
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