iiZONES - Technological Platform

Indigenous Innovation Zones™
where Innovation intersects with Songlines

There are over 500 different clan groups or 'nations' around the continent, many with distinctive cultures, beliefs and languages. The iiZones™ platform was created to identify Australian locations for over 500 Indigenous Nations/Tribes/Clans.

Songlines are indigenous people's way of life. The songlines represent many components of life, but none more than the traditional mapping of indigenous land. Each song represents a physical descriptor of assets along the property boundary. iiZones utilises indigenous 'Songlines' to identify assets, methodology and process.

eConveyancing identifies the distinct boundary coordinates of any identified property or land. iiZones™ utilises traditional 'Songlines' to identify indigenous property boundaries and then prepare, verify and lodge within blockchain based ledgering systems. In this way iiZones has created a unique, technologically advanced land identification and ledgering system.

Indigenous owned Land is utilised to construct and operate multiple industries and processes (Zones) for the betterment of the indigenous population and to provide surrounding communities with vital employment opportunities and natural, environmental services. The selected indigenous land will showcase multiple new technological innovation and sustainable environmental methods and processes. All activities on the land are income generating on a positive cash flow basis.

The iiZones™ unique technology based platform provides beneficial community services that deal with environmental waste management, ecological protection, food generation and localised energy generation.

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